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24 December 2011

The winners of the Small Grants competition 2011

Dear SCA supporters,

We are pleased to announce the winners of a one-off small grants competition generously funded by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and administered by the SCA. The programme supports grassroots projects to implement the priority actions of the Medium Term Work Programme of the MOU on saiga conservation under the Convention on Migratory Species. Seven international independent experts were involved in the panel selecting the best projects.

We are pleased to be able to support four excellent projects, which represent a broad range of activities and geographical locations:

  • Anatoliy Khludnev (Russia). Improvement of technical equipment of the Sanctuary Stepnoi to reinforce the struggle against poaching and to improve saiga conservation in Astrakhan region.

  • Yuri Arylov (Russia). Monitoring of Saiga populations in the Northwest Pre-Caspian using the observations and knowledge of the local people.

  • Batkhuyag Baldangombo et al (Mongolia). Building capacity for preventing transboundary trade of Saiga derivates in the Western parts of Mongolia and China.

  • Yan Xie (China). Enhancing Capacity of Government Law Enforcement to Reduce Illegal Saiga Horn Trade in Guangzhou, China.

Congratulations to all four winners!

Saiga Conservation Alliance


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