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11 March 2014

Announcement of opportunity: The Saiga Conservation Alliance 2014 Award for Excellence in Saiga Protection, in memory of Joy Covey.

The Saiga Conservation Alliance is seeking nominations for an award for saiga protection, in memory of SCA donor and friend Joy Covey.

The award is a prize of $1000, to be used as the winner chooses. Nominations can be individuals and teams, from government or from NGOs, who have shown particular dedication and outstanding success in combating saiga poaching over the last 12 months. Self-nominations are not allowed. In order to nominate someone, please answer the questions below and email them to

Nominations can be made in English or Russian. The closing date for nominations is 29th April 2014.



Name, position, institution, telephone and email address of nominator:

Name of person or team being nominated:

Contact details of nominee (including email and telephone):

Institutional affiliation and country of nominee:

Please describe the saiga protection work that the nominee does (<300 words):

Please describe why this nominee is particularly deserving of the award (<300 words):

Please give concrete examples of the evidence for their excellence in saiga protection (e.g. arrests made, saiga numbers in their reserve, commendations given):

Please explain what impact receiving this award would have on the nominee's standing or motivation (<300 words):

We look forward to receiving your application


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