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28 March 2015

Announcement of opportunity:
The Saiga Conservation Alliance 2015 Young Conservation Leaders award

Following on from the success of the 2014 Young Conservation Leaders award the Saiga Conservation Alliance is pleased to launch the 2015 call for entries from young conservationists based in China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and Uzbekistan.

The SCA recognises that it is imperative to support the next generation of conservationists, and so with our Young Conservation Leaders award we will be able to support five aspiring conservationists (individuals or groups) with grants of $1000 each, (given in two payments of $500, with the second one conditional on good progress).

The awards are to support a 12 month project which links to the ongoing work of the SCA in the winner's country and we are calling applications from conservationists between the ages of 12 and 30 who live in China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia or Uzbekistan.

The young conservation leaders will work with the SCA's administrative team to further the aims of the SCA. They will work on one aspect of the SCA's activities of their own choosing. We hope that the reports from the 2014 winners recently published on the SCA website and on our Facebook pages will inspire creative ideas for this years entries.

The young conservation leaders will be mentored by a member of the SCA Steering Committee from their country. The SCA would also support them to access opportunities for funding and training, e.g. WCN student internships, the Student Conference on Conservation Science, helping them write a Rufford grant, or other support that they may need.

The Young Conservation Leaders award application form must be applied for by the candidate themselves. Previous winners are allowed to-reapply. If you are under 18 years old, you will need to nominate an adult to receive your award on your behalf. If you are applying as a group, please nominate a group leader to represent you.

In order to apply for an award, please fill out the application form and submit your application to

The closing date for the competition is 15th May 2015.


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