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Our Sponsors

Financial, technical and information support to the web site is provided by:

Large Herbivore Foundation

  Dr. Sue Lieberman (WWF-International)

Trust for Endangered Species

Darwin Initiative

International Fund for Animal Welfare

TNT Express, a worldwide provider of express delivery

We faithfully thank them for the support!

We also thank all those who endowed for saiga conservation:

  • Professor James Teer (USA)
  • Dr. Roland Wirth (Germany)
  • Dr. Richard Reading (USA)
  • Mr. Kurt Johnson (USA)
  • Dr. Fred Baerselman (The Netherlands)
  • Dr. Angela Glatson (The Netherlands)
  • Mr. Steven Kohl (USA)
  • Mr. Peter Ward (USA)
  • Dr. Steve Shurter (USA)
  • Mr Carl Kurtz (USA)
  • Dr. Volker Radeloff (USA)
  • Dr. Don Winstel (USA)
  • Dr. Margaret Bunzel-Druke (Germany)
  • Dr. Sue Lieberman (UK)
  • Dr. E. J. Milner-Gulland (UK)
  • Dr. Hartmut Jungius (Germany)
  • Dr. Arnulf Müller-Helmbreht (Germany)
  • Mrs. Nida Al-Fulaij (UK)
  • Mr. Uli Graebener (Germany)
  • Dr. Paolo Verganti (Italy)
  • Dr. Doug Willoamson (UK)
  • Dr. Lee Stone (USA)
  • Mr. Tom Milner-Gulland (UK)
  • Dr. Piet Wit (Syzygy. The Netherlands)

Our young donators

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